Healthy Lifestyle Begins…

I recently stumbled upon food supplement websites. Cmd + T product I was thinking to buy. Kept juggling between those tabs only to compare what it offers. Eventually, i came up with to-buy list:

  1. Omega 3
  2. Propolis
  3. Multivitamin + Nutrients
  4. Vitamin E
  5. Vitamin C

YES! All of them. To be bought, tomorrow on my favorite eCommerce.

Everyday, 1 hour before bed, I go downstairs, open my fridge, drink 2 bottles of my fav probiotic. Right before sleeping, go downstairs again, open the fridge, take 250 ml of fresh milk and warm it up. Add 2 tbsp of honey. Stirr and drink it. Go back upstairs, and sleep..

All of the above is due to awareness of having healthy body has been increased. As a person who lives not with his family, maintaining nutrients input from food has been one thing i struggle on for years. Nearby food is from Warteg, which the freshness can’t ever be guaranteed. And i’ve been seeing something is happening with my tummy: it starts to shape like a pregnant lady. To make matter worse, I get exposed to Jakarta’ pollution night and day during my daily commute from and to office. Not a few times, I felt ache in my lung after breathing in pollutants.

Looking back to a few years ago, I never thought of to-buy list above. College student won’t even think to have food supplement intake, unless you have developed the awareness earlier. Now, that I have settled my bread and butter, spare some bucks to have more nutritions is worth it. For the complement, I ‘invested’ (yes, not ‘bought’, hoping to gain something in return at the end) on sport equipment: shoes; pants; shirt. I set to discipline my self for at least 3 days a week for running/jogging, or at least 16 km distance covered, to burn fat and freshen up my day. I push my self to finish work at 7pm on Wednesday and Friday to jog at GBK Senayan, and let go the pleasure of sleeping in Sunday morning to jog on CFD.

Well, if by any chance, your daily errand crosses with my mine, let’s meet up!

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